Business as a force for good.

We are here to help brands advance personal empowerment, wellness and conscious consumerism. Not in the “judgmental hippie” way, but in the “we are all in this together” way.

The power of clarity.

We’ve honed our craft for 25 years.

Success with a broad spectrum of clients (from top 10 retailers to top privately-held manufacturers) gives us insight into the symbiotic relationship between retail and brand that most non-conglomerate agencies lack.

About us - Retail Voodoo

We are brand strategists, designers, and writers on the hunt for meaning.

We use data driven insights, experience and gut instinct to feed your customers’ closely held, but unspoken need for deeper and broader interactions with your brand, products and services.

Hint: Products and services don’t really matter, it’s the promises you make and the promises you keep that they crave.

Our Team

Master at translating creativity into action items.

Kiki’s Bio


Kiki Temkin Ariss
Senior Account Manager

Would rather do big things for small companies than small things for big companies.

Jeff’s Bio


Jeff Barker - Director of Client Development

Jeff Barker
Director of Client Development

Learned how to read people as Paper Queen of Seattle.

Diana’s Bio


Diana Fryc - Head Gypsy

Diana Fryc
Director of Operations

Lost 8th grade talent show lip syncing in full Kiss Regalia.

David’s Bio


David Lemley - Chief Trouble Maker

David Lemley
Founder/Chief Strategist

Got called up by the band to dance on stage at a music festival. Felt like the coolest 8-year-old in all the land.

Kat’s Bio


Kat – Designer

Kat Simpson

Narrowly avoid being eaten by a bear.

Madeleine’s Bio


Madeleine Wilson
Marketing Strategist

Came to equate powerful design with mind control.

Eric’s Bio


Eric Wyttenbach - Senior Designer

Eric Wyttenbach
Senior Designer

Not your average agency

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