Rebranding the Right Way

13.06.18 / David Lemley

Are you considering a rebrand? Unsure of where to start? A brand strategy firm will help your team tackle some of the biggest obstacles to a successful rebrand: misunderstanding, lack…

How Brand Strategy Drives Creative Deliverables to Generate Real Results

31.05.18 / David Lemley

Brand strategy is the most important determinant of company culture, product offering, and marketing content. Long-term success requires strategic branding.

Add Value to Your Brand with Strategic Brand Extension

23.05.18 / David Lemley

Align your brand extension with the market’s fundamental understanding of your business to strategically capitalize on new revenue possibilities.

Expanding Your Brand Globally: Universal Truths, Regional Messaging

18.05.18 / David Lemley

To develop your brand's messaging and identity in a new global market, consider why people were first interested in your products or services to begin with.

Extending Your Brand’s Bottom Line Beyond the Numbers to a Cause

09.05.18 / David Lemley

If your brand seeks more than just profit, choose a cause to support — one that your business will stand for and invest in, uniting customers and employees.

How Your Brand Can Survive a Burning Platform

25.04.18 / David Lemley

Learn the importance of finding your brand's niche. Instead of competing with huge industry disruptors, customize, personalize, and specialize your business.

Brand Strategy Checklist (Part 3 of 3): Strengthen the Soul of Your Brand

03.04.18 / David Lemley

Differentiate your brand by asking these key marketing questions about your mission statement and guiding principles to strengthen its strategic positioning.

The Definition of Brand Has Evolved, Has Your Company Kept Up?

23.02.18 / David Lemley

Today, your company's brand is purpose-driven. Graphic elements of a visual identity persist, but brand has evolved into the production of a gut feeling.

How & Why a Strategy-First Ethos Translates to Brand Success

30.01.18 / David Lemley

Create value for your business by tackling brand strategy rather than chasing competitors or following visual trends during the redesign process.

How to Use Brand Strategy to Influence M&A Success

24.01.18 / David Lemley

Through proactive and thoughtful brand strategy, mergers and acquisitions are successful beyond simply increased revenue and marketplace dominance.

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