How to Ace Your Upcoming Category Review

17.07.18 / Diana Fryc

Your category review is coming up. But you're not ready or your market position doesn't look good. What now? Learn how to ace your category review meeting.

Prepare Your Lifestyle Brand for the Next Market Correction

03.07.18 / Diana Fryc

Learn how to avoid your business becoming a casualty of financial market swings. You can actually poise your lifestyle brand to take advantage of the situation by differentiating your product,…

Working with a Creative Agency: What to Expect

01.05.18 / Diana Fryc

Learn the difference between well-designed deliverables from a creative ad agency and the impact of working with a strategic branding agency for your brand.

Food Trends & Innovation: Branding Will Decide the Winners at Expo West

28.02.18 / Diana Fryc

Real innovations - not just flavor profiles - that align with brand strategy will decide which food and nutrition companies stand out at Expo West.

Talking to Gen X Could Be Your Brand’s Tipping Point

16.02.18 / Diana Fryc

Here's your comprehensive guide to Gen X as a marketing segment: what they like, what they dislike, what motivates them, and more.

Key Ingredients for Transforming Employees into Brand Ambassadors

14.02.18 / Diana Fryc

A leadership-driven, branded employee culture inspires and motivates your team with these key ingredients: vision, mentorship, empowerment, and recognition.

Outdoor and Fitness Brands Ripe for Investment

19.10.17 / Diana Fryc

These brands fill unmet needs in the market and have the potential to make it big. With private equity and the right strategic help, these companies can really shake up…

If I Owned an Equity Firm, I Would Invest in These Food Brands

13.09.17 / Diana Fryc

The current marketplace is filled with darling brands – like KIND, Plum Organics, and Patagonia. However, we forget that most of these brands started out at the kitchen table or…

Delivering Brand Promises Through Great Packaging

09.07.13 / Diana Fryc

In his latest article, Mr. Lemley challenges marketers to go beyond adequate packaging. To think beyond drowning people with feature and benefits that appeal to the customer’s rational thought process…

All Beauty, No Brains: When Graphic Designers Fail to Understand Packaging Hierarchy

16.04.13 / Diana Fryc

We here at Retail Voodoo are big fans of ProBar. Do you know it? We’ve been buying them for sometime now. You can find them in your local Health Food…

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