Is Authenticity the Next Dead Brand Pillar?

05.03.13 / Diana Fryc

If a brand has to say that it’s “authentic” you can bet it isn’t. These days, it’s said about so many people and so many things that aren’t authentic, that…

Great Sports & Outdoor Brands: A Storied Connection

21.02.13 / Diana Fryc

Great brands live and move at a high rate of speed almost indiscernible to the naked eye. Just as we can’t see individual frames in a movie that move quickly…

The Cult of Personality of Sports and Outdoor Brands

07.02.13 / Diana Fryc

“Build it and they will come.” That’s what many brand owners think. Producers and retailers hope that cash infusions, quality products or glitzy retail environments, and a marketing campaign are going…

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