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Hashtag: Nutrition Label Makeover.

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The other day I bought an organic cup of noodles for lunch, only to realize the 53g container was classified as “2 servings” at 100 calories each. Even at a full container, it is […]

Brand Evolution/Brand Revolution: Case Studies at BevNET Live

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Brand evolutions can be nerve wracking, as the tried and true cliché goes: change is scary! But it is also integral to growth.

At BevNET Live Summer 2016 last month our founder and president David Lemley […]

Retail Voodoo on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland

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Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland is a weekly business television program featuring real-world insights from corporate executives from all over the globe. We are excited that Retail Voodoo was featured for our unique approach […]

Ethos: The value of values in brand building

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Brands, just like people, have values –principles they stand for and hold near and dear to their heart.

These principles form the reason brands exist. Brand values influence two important business assets – relationships and reputation. […]

Get leverage: Know your brand archetype.

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Archetypal branding works because it appeals to all people. We all share a deep need to feel stability, belonging, discovery and achievement. In today’s world, many brands have taken on the role of building […]

Elevate your brand through the strong use of symbolism.

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What do lululemon, starbucks coffee, harley davidson have in common with the catholic church?
Watch this short excerpt from our webcast, The Cult Brand Value Equation, to discover how these iconic brands have all leveraged […]

Secrets, symbols & icons in cult branding.

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In this webcast Retail Voodoo President, David Lemley will explore the history of symbolism associated with cult brands and show us how secret meaning opens the doorway to gain followers and empower them to […]

The evolution of brand management.

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A fairly simple checklist and a good relationship with the account manager at the agency and you were set. But the role of Brand Manager has morphed into something that I believe most 20th […]

The cult brand value equation.

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In this webcast Retail Voodoo President, David Lemley will bring his unique perspective (as someone who helped create brand strategies, design language and marketing programs for some of the worlds most beloved cult brands) […]

5 Ways Cult Brands bridge the gap in the customers’ mind.

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It’s easy to spot the brands who seized the imagination of a small group and then taught that group how to spread the word, make converts and turn their fringe offering into a mainstream […]