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Using Values to Differentiate & Define Your Brand

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Brand values impact relationships and reputation – two key business assets that are earned (rather than bought). When the marketplace is cluttered and consumers have tiny attention spans, brands must bring something more valuable to customers than their product or service. They must connect with consumers through shared principles.


Brand Purpose: The Key to a Cult Following.

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It’s no secret that everybody yearns to be a part of something greater than themselves, their loved ones and their work. But it does seem to be a secret to many brands.

So let us […]

Hashtag: Opting For Leaves Instead Of Lines.

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It’s that time of year again: leaves are falling, everything is pumpkin flavored and we take stock of what we’re grateful for. It’s also a time for changing retail displays, late store hours and […]

What’s Your Language Saying about Your Brand?

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If language builds and binds cultures, why shouldn’t it be used to build and bind cults around brands?

Think about the power of words. If I use specific words in a specific way, it builds […]

Conventional Is The New Specialty Grocer.

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If you’re the owner of a natural/organic food brand you know the roller coaster. Natural product stores, from Whole Foods to the smaller independents, might love your brand today and discontinue it tomorrow. Let’s […]

Way to go, Body Glide!

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We’ve all been there. We’re catching a wave, taking a run or simply trying to live our lives when chafing or a dreaded blister plagues us. From a desire to prevent this, Body Glide […]

Retail Voodoo on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland

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Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland is a weekly business television program featuring real-world insights from corporate executives from all over the globe. We are excited that Retail Voodoo was featured for our unique approach […]

Our clients are awesome.

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This year has been jam-packed at Retail Voodoo, in the best way. We have had the opportunity to work with a lot of wonderful people powering incredible brands whose ethos we believe in. Happily, […]

David Lemley interview with Kathy Ireland.

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Tune into Fox Business Network on Saturday, November 21, 2015 & Bloomberg International  on Sunday, November 22, 2015. See market by market listings below.

Retail Voodoo, a company that is helping other companies implement marketing […]

Put your morals where your mouth is.

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Contribution. There’s a big difference between a cause and a claim. You can make a claim, but you have to live a cause.

In part one of this article, I discussed the concepts of branded […]