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Your Brand Can Overcome Price Resistance and Create Stark-Raving Fans.

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Want to Overcome Price and Create Stark-Raving Fans in the Process? Develop Your Brand’s Definitive POV.

It’s absolutely amazing to see that so many brands still muddle along without a definitive POV. That they think […]

Hashtag: Totally, 100%, Almost-Organic.

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If you’re at all dialed in to the organic sector, you know: getting your product certified is hard.
While, as a consumer, I appreciate the strict regulations applied to organic farmland, the time and cost […]

David Lemley interview with Kathy Ireland.

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Tune into Fox Business Network on Saturday, November 21, 2015 & Bloomberg International  on Sunday, November 22, 2015. See market by market listings below.

Retail Voodoo, a company that is helping other companies implement marketing […]

Sometimes you shouldn’t treat yourself.

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Great package design won’t necessarily save your brand, nor will bad design definitively kill it. But what happens when your design is appealing to the wrong audience, at the wrong time?

A couple of weeks […]

The unrealistic luxury of conscious consumerism.

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The idea of conscious consumerism is inherently elitist. It’s a first world club for city dwellers who make enough money to be worried about where their $300 tee-shirt is sourced from.

Yes, sometimes worrying is […]

Brand Extensions: Worth Doing or Not?

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Quick: how many new brand extensions made an impact on you last year? Can’t remember many, if any, can you?
That’s the problem.

So many new products come out and fail; So few are memorable. Even […]