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Values-based branding.

Exploring Cult-Status Brand Symbols

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Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “We are symbols and inhabit symbols.” While that might seem a little intense, he makes a valid point. Symbols start out as meaningless illustrations, objects, sounds, etc. that humans assign meaning due to repeat exposure and values association. […]

Using Values to Differentiate & Define Your Brand

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Brand values impact relationships and reputation – two key business assets that are earned (rather than bought). When the marketplace is cluttered and consumers have tiny attention spans, brands must bring something more valuable to customers than their product or service. They must connect with consumers through shared principles.


Your Brand Can Overcome Price Resistance and Create Stark-Raving Fans.

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Want to Overcome Price and Create Stark-Raving Fans in the Process? Develop Your Brand’s Definitive POV.

It’s absolutely amazing to see that so many brands still muddle along without a definitive POV. That they think […]

Brand Purpose: The Key to a Cult Following.

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It’s no secret that everybody yearns to be a part of something greater than themselves, their loved ones and their work. But it does seem to be a secret to many brands.

So let us […]

Hashtag: Opting For Leaves Instead Of Lines.

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It’s that time of year again: leaves are falling, everything is pumpkin flavored and we take stock of what we’re grateful for. It’s also a time for changing retail displays, late store hours and […]

What’s Your Language Saying about Your Brand?

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If language builds and binds cultures, why shouldn’t it be used to build and bind cults around brands?

Think about the power of words. If I use specific words in a specific way, it builds […]

Hashtag: Totally, 100%, Almost-Organic.

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If you’re at all dialed in to the organic sector, you know: getting your product certified is hard.
While, as a consumer, I appreciate the strict regulations applied to organic farmland, the time and cost […]

Brand Evolution/Brand Revolution: Case Studies at BevNET Live

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Brand evolutions can be nerve wracking, as the tried and true cliché goes: change is scary! But it is also integral to growth.

At BevNET Live Summer 2016 last month our founder and president David Lemley […]

Cultural Transformation: The Ultimate Brand Strategy.

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You started a business because you had a fire in your belly. You created a brand because you believed that you could offer something that others were missing. After launch, you happily set about […]

Sports Authority: A Name without a Brand.

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A recent article discussed the woes of Sports Authority with the headline: “Sports Authority Is Sinking Under Discounts And Naming Rights.” Really? There’s no doubt, as the article cites, that Sports Authority has some major […]