We’re a small office – there are just nine of us! – so we’re pretty accustomed to wearing many hats; it’s simply the nature of small machines.

Spanning the past couple of months, however, our capacity for hat juggling has bordered on comical as we designed and built our new office extension (okay not that many hats – we hired contractors to use the buzz saws).

In any case, we are very excited to announce that moving week is here!

Here are some shots from last Friday, to get a taste of just how close we are (and how far we’ve come)!

Stay tuned for shots of our new space, furniture and employees included.

Designers' space.

Those paint buckets will definitely come in handy as footstools for the designers.


A real kitchen! Complete with a big ‘ol fridge to house our yummy organic snacks.

Designers' area, II

The designers’ digs from another angle, where you can see our covered, but exciting, new crit boards!

Jeff's office.

We’re even considering getting Jeff a desk for his new lamp and office.


Like any library worth its salt, there’s room to brainstorm.

David's office

Oh, the brands that will be strategized on the (very comfy) bench seat in David’s office.

Account managers

The account managers easily have the best view in the house.

Stephanie's Desk

The foyer and birthplace of future posts to come, where I’ll sit under the neon glow of Retail Voodoo.