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David Lemley

Founder/Chief Strategist


Armed with a passion for ideology-driven companies and over 25 years of industry experience, David sets the standard for all research, brand strategy, brand positioning and design development for the firm. He focuses his energy on leveraging design thinking and brand strategy to get results for clients.
His series of visioning diagnostics, research analysis and consensus building tools have helped companies such as REI, Kind, Sur la Table, and Nike to achieve their brand’s goals.


1978 Lose 8th grade talent show lip syncing in full Kiss Regalia.
1996 Start a coffee revolution with my friends at Starbucks.
2000 Judge Communication Arts Design Annual the week of the dot-bomb.
2003 Snowboard and hike the Cascade Mountains while reinventing REI brand.
2007 Speak at DMI’s Brand Business Integration Imperative.
2010 Become grateful my friends own boats while repositioning West Marine.
David Lemley - President and Founder