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Diana Fryc

Director of Operations


Diana mastered the art of knowing when to push and pull through her years as the Paper Queen of Seattle. Since retiring her crown, she has used her 15+ years of in-depth experience in marketing, copywriting, recruiting, project coordination, business development and client services to build trust with her customers. She has an uncanny knack for getting to the heart of clients’ needs and solving their problems through project management.


1983 Discover the joys social life on junior high volleyball team.
1996 Program myself out of a job, making the leap to advertising copywriter.
1999 Meet Jane Goodall and realize that design can change people’s behavior.
2001 Learn how to read people as Paper Queen of Seattle.
2006 Give birth to my first child and realign my values.
2011 Embrace my inner adrenaline junkie and focus solely on clientele in outdoor, health and wellness.
Diana Fryc - Head Gypsy