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Eric Wyttenbach

Senior Designer


Eric brings 12 years of experience for both in house and agency design. His endless passion for the craft are coupled with a array of styles which he has put to good use through a mix of packaging, branding, print, and event design. Past clients include Starbucks, Microsoft, AT&T, Sephora, The Nature Conservancy, and The Boys and Girls Club.


1993 Draw a logo for my baseball team, the Dirty Dogs.
1994 Come to equate powerful design with mind control by analyzing how people identify themselves with products and lifestyles.
2001 Fund my degree by working at the QFC deli just long enough to meet my future wife.
2010 Combine my love of German cars and design and create a new look and promo materials for the largest German auto show in the PNW.
2011 Spend a small fortune renting gear (down to goggles) to go snowboarding in July in New Zealand, only to be blinded by zero visibility. Accept you cannot control Mother Nature from inside the resort’s bar.
2012 Return from a year abroad and rediscover my love of Seattle while watching my neighbors walk their goats on a leash outside my apartment.
Eric Wyttenbach - Senior Designer