Your brand, truly differentiated.

We help leadership teams create uniquely ownable brand strategies that make people proud to work for their organization. We then translate those strategies into immersive brand experiences and disruptive packaging systems that add doors, increase sales and create turns.


We use data. We shop. We pay attention to trends.

All to create culturally relevant intersections of meaning that deepen your brand’s story and evolve your brand’s voice to other like-minded humans.


Building a brand people love deeply and actively begins with culture.

We are listeners, strategists and shaman, interpreters and storytellers. We help businesses connect their products and services to the lives and needs of real people. To do that, we help you rekindle the tribal lore and meaning that exist within your company. Then we draw them out, bring them to life, and build societies around them.

We harness the principles of ritual, doctrine and behavior to draw a boundary around your brand to create stark-raving fans.


It takes science and magic to get to the heart of any brand. But to get to the soul of it and project it outward so it galvanizes people is a deeper matter.

Sure, we believe in data, but it’s only half the equation. The rest requires gut instinct: Insights and know-how gleaned from over two decades of designing memorable customer experiences.

brand magic

We love challengers and disruptors.

Do you believe that your company is here not only to do well, but also change the world, for the better? Retail Voodoo shares your passion and forward-thinking perspective. And we are committed to helping you succeed using brand as a tool for change. But we have some ground rules.


You have hired a professional services firm like ours in the past.
Your brand is mid-cap, with strong intention to grow.
You expect to be told the truth and can handle the information.
You are frank about budget so we can help you maximize your dollars.
You need an expert team.
Your company is in a position to meet our minimum engagement requirement of $75k.
You are a decision maker with the authority to approve phase closure.