Hashtag: Nutrition Label Makeover.

The other day I bought an organic cup of noodles for lunch, only to realize the 53g container was classified as “2 servings” at 100 calories each. Even at a full container, it is not exactly a high-calorie food, nor is it one that is easily saved for later. Perhaps I am expected to pass my cup of noodles over to a coworker halfway through?

Soon, egregious serving sizes like these will be a thing of the past. For the first time in over two decades, the FDA Nutritional Facts label is getting an overhaul. Among the updates: serving sizes based on what people actually eat – i.e. a whole cup of noodles or a full bottle of soda – and an “added sugars” section, differentiating those from naturally derived sweetness in grams and percent daily value.

The greater transparency of the labels leads to better-educated consumers – good news for brands in the better-for-you sector, which can play up their benefits. After all, the update is in response to a growing consumer desire to eat healthier and more consciously. Consumers are increasingly expecting brands to be trustworthy and full of wholesome nutrition; the update is a chance for brands to listen to consumers, revisit their brand bible, and go beyond simple guide adherence to truly deliver.

Has your brand lost its voice or been swallowed in a sea of sameness? Is your artwork outdated? While a package redesign is by no means required for the new labels, it is certainly a great reason to reassess your packaging and see if it is time for update.

The label update, while a bit of a pain for companies, is an overall win – for consumers and brands. I – for one – am excited. Because we all know I polished off the whole cup of noodles.

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