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Jason Irwin

Studio Manager


There isn’t a sport Jason doesn’t excel at, and his favorite hike is one he hasn’t taken yet. He is an administrative all-star – a master at helping to identify processes that need to be implemented and improved to make a more efficient workplace. Now at his second creative firm, Jason finds he relates well to creatives because their interests line up, but he thinks about the things they don’t – like how to make sure the invoices are paid and the lights turn on.


1991 Learn to cook after my mom tells me to make my own dinner because of my pickiness.
1999 Rock my letterman jacket (and bleach blonde hair) as captain of three sports teams – call me captain cubed!
2001 Co-host a college radio show in which I blast bad punk and ska and interview celebs like Chewbacca.
2010 Stop drinking soda for breakfast and make the switch to coffee, while on my honeymoon in the Dominican Republic.
2012 Adopt Lord Pistachio, Duke of Sandwich, my adorable pug.
2016 Don some Lederhosen and sip on German brews with my lovely wife at Oktoberfest in Munich.