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Jeff Barker

Director, Client Development


Hockey, sailing, soccer – it’s difficult to find a sport Jeff doesn’t enjoy, though he’s far more interested in the camaraderie than the winning. He parlays this love of meeting people into client development and enjoys being the fun meeting in a person’s day. He has experience building cross-functional teams to pursue and win projects ranging from brand and digital strategy to highly immersive interactive experiences. Past clients include General Mills, 3M, Microsoft.


1989 Discover my eternal optimism after successfully writing a brief for the first time in the face of a do-or-get-fired ultimatum.
1995 Gain appreciation for good camping gear while freezing through a Presidents’ Day Weekend backpacking trip along the Washington Coast Loop in jeans and cotton socks.
2010 Get reacquainted with love of sailing (and Rum & Coke) as a club-racing crewmember.
2014 Gaze in appreciation at 110 feet of water and a view of the cascades from the back porch of my new home in Bremerton.
2016 Join Retail Voodoo after realizing I would rather do big things for small companies than small things for big companies.
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