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Kat Simpson



Kat moved to the Pacific Northwest from the East Coast, lured here by the great music scene and endless opportunity for outdoor adventures. She loves the power packaging has to elicit deeper emotions in people, with experience in visual brand development, campaign concept development, responsive website design and hand watercolor & ink illustrations. Past clients include Shea Moisture, Clinique, The Limited, Isopure, Aeropostale, and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 


1996 Spot faces in everything I see, from street signs to clouds to trees.
1999 Get called up by the band to dance on stage at a music festival. Feel like the coolest 8-year-old in all the land
2001 Meticulously collect brochures on family road trips, organizing them based on design.
2010 Return from studying abroad with a suitcase full of beautiful Italian packaging.
2014 See my illustrations for Shea Moisture on billboards and taxis across NYC.
2016 Take a month long cross-country road trip to move to Seattle, stopping for concerts along the way.