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Kiki Temkin Ariss

 Senior Account Manager


Kiki is a master at translating creativity into action items and seeing the job in black and white terms in order to get projects done in a timely manner and within budget. With over 8 years’ experience in directing multifaceted projects for a variety of clients, she is a forward-looking problem solver and great at solution-oriented thinking. She loves face-to-face interaction with creative, innovative thinkers in environments that foster growth.


1993 Rock red tinted glasses with round blue frames.
1997 At 14, start a handwritten countdown toward my 16th birthday, from 729 to 0, in anticipation of getting my driver’s license.
2006 Become obsessed with Food Network and develop a love of cooking and eating healthier.
2012 Start running half marathons (3 and counting!) after a friend gets me hooked on interval running.
2016  Get married amongst the spectacular fall foliage in the mountains of Deer Valley, Utah.
Kiki Temkin Ariss – Senior Account Manager