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Madeleine Wilson

Marketing Strategist

A Pacific Northwester through and through, Madeleine has a passion for the outdoor, health and wellness space (and all the camping and coffee that entails). A storyteller by nature, and marketing professional by trade, she loves to make brands come alive – especially through visuals. Past clients include Eddie Bauer, Essentia, Washington State University and Gene Juarez.

2000 Stand in line with dozens of other muggles for the release of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
2003 Don figure skates to get the cool, bedazzled outfits.
2009 Narrowly avoid being eaten by a bear after waking up to hear my counselors at Happy Camp banging trash can lids together to scare him off.
2012 Intern at Crown Social and realize I need to change my degree path from athletic training to public relations.
2014 Get a DSLR camera and start taking photos for my blog, which evolves into taking graduation and engagement photos for friends and fans.
2017 Start training for my first half-marathon to get in shape while working towards a tangible goal.