Project Description

Living Intentions

Help a raw foods manufacturer define a new category, and innovate for new audiences.

Challenge: Living Intentions had enjoyed a decade long reputation as the Raw and Sprouted foods experts. Whole Foods recently made the decision that Raw is no longer a category but merely a product attribute. This put the Living Intentions brand at-risk.

Strategy: As people in the mainstream begin to understanding the power of Raw and Sprouted foods, Living Intentions needed to get credit for being the industry’s quality standard bearer and culinary genius. Retail Voodoo helped redefine the category in a way that empowered these mainstream, cross-fit enthusiasts and yoga moms to love the brand and reap the health benefits: Flavor forward, face-shoveling, snacking goodness based upon activated superfoods that help people feel great.

Result: Living Intentions is enjoying increased sales with powerful velocity at retail.

Scope of work
  • Brand Strategy
  • Product Innovation
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging System
  • Integrated Marketing Strategy
  • Tradeshow Experience
  • Style Guide

Living Intentions – Packaging Group

Living Intentions – Packaging Tandoori Tumeric Popcorn
Living Intentions – Packaging Salted Pumpkin Seeds
Living Intentions – Packaging Detail
Living Intentions – Packaging Detail
Living Intentions – Tradeshow

Living Intentions – Tradeshow

Living Intentions – Truck

Living Intentions – Tradeshow