It takes science and magic to get to the heart of any brand. But to get to the soul of your brand and project it outward so it galvanizes people into action is a deeper matter.

As a strategy-driven branding agency, we believe in data, trend analysis, shopping, and gut instinct. These form the foundation we use to build a brand strategy that will help your team to break into new markets, launch innovations, or disrupt an existing category by establishing your brand’s North Star. This will bring your team together in exciting ways that can help you grow your business and command the marketplace’s high ground.

We have a proven brand development process with a consistent track record of helping leadership teams create unique and differentiated brand strategies that make people proud to work for their organization. And grow their business. Our clients achieve double- and triple-digit growth from our work together. Your brand can expect the same results when you have followed our map, remain coachable, and make the changes necessary to align with the new strategy.

Brand Strategy Services

Category Audits
A systematic, independent examination of your brand against the seven musts of marketing. our goal is to present a true and fair view of your competitive reality. It also provides insight to optimize and maintain your brand’s communication to encourage consumer loyalty and evangelism.
Audience Identification
Sometimes called audience segmentation, audience identification goes beyond understanding who is currently buying your products and moves into the territory of who should be or who do you want to be buyers in the future. Clearly defining your audience makes all the difference when you’re creating products or marketing initiatives.
Consumer Targeting
Understanding your brand’s target market and target consumers has an impact on how you plan your marketing and advertising. We help you create branded messaging specifically for your targeted consumers, based upon learning what they find important, their explicit needs, and their unspoken needs.
Research & Insights
These two concepts form the basis of our philosophy to provide a strategic roadmap to move your brand forward. We investigate multiple criteria, establish facts and principles around a specific subject to set the stage for Insight (sudden, deep understanding of a complex situation, problem, or behavior).
Trend Analysis
We look at past and current market behavior, dominant patterns of society and sub-cultures to obtain insights on market scenario, consumer preferences, and macroeconomics. We use marketing research, surveys, interviews, and observations of consumer behavior, and frequent review of cultural norms to help your brand leverage trends and behavior in the marketplace.
White Space Mapping
We help you find white space by identifying opportunities that your business is capable of meeting by going into unchartered territory or where into spaces where there is no competition. Mapping new ways to leverage your business expertise, capabilities and passion to create deeper consumer engagement and growth.
Brand Positioning
The goal of brand positioning is to identify and own a niche for your brand, product, or service within a competitive set. We help you create a unique impression in your customer’s mind so that their association with your brand is distinct from rest of the marketplace.
Mission & Vision Statements
Defining the company’s business, its objectives and its approach to reach those objectives without using marketing babble is an art. It shapes your brand vison. We help your team get crystal clear on both so that everyone in your organization know how their behavior influences your brand’s mission and vision.
Brand Manifesto
Your brand’s manifesto outlines the spirit of your brand, your values and beliefs, and what you hope to achieve with authentic, powerful, emotional stories that tells your customers why you exist. It helps employees and loyalists know your brand’s passion by making a declaration for something important.
Messaging Framework
This small set of powerful words – terms and phrases – is arranged hierarchically to convey your company’s messaging priorities to ensure that its communication goals are achieved. The goal of brand-driven messaging framework is to make your competitors irrelevant to key audiences by sharing your points of differences within the competitive landscape.
Brand Narrative
Building your brand’s strategic narrative is foundational to your success – as important in today’s world as your technology and your products. A tool for creating and attracting people to your community, brand narrative allows your brand to move beyond selling and start sharing how and why your brand exists.
Naming & Nomenclature
Naming can be scientific, descriptive, imagined, and aspirational. Great naming and nomenclature (thematic naming for suite of goods and services) provides a verbal identity framework grounded in the language of popular culture and highlighted for select audiences. When your brand has strong naming and nomenclature, consumers opt-in (or out) quickly.
Brand Vision
Vision gives your company a role in changing the world. It’s why your people come to work. Vision helps your company and your loyal followers to have great hope. United with brand vision your company has purpose and passion to alter markets, impact society and change the world for your customers.
Brand Pillars
A combination of guardrails and guiding principles that are based upon organization values, offerings, mission and brand position, brand pillars help leadership, product development, operations, sales and marketing all to sing from the same songbook. Your brand pillars are guardrails upon which your team can drive into the future.
Brand Architecture
Brand architecture helps entities see how their portfolio of brands are related to – and different from, each other. Brand architecture is concerned with how to manage a family of brands and define white space within a competitive landscape. We use brand architecture to reinforce the core purpose of your corporate brand.

Brand Strategy Add-Ons


Pre-acquisition SWOT Analysis
A framework to assess a business in terms of what it can achieve in its current situation. We evaluate internal factors (the strengths and weaknesses) and external (the opportunities and threats) using environmental data and site visits to evaluate the position of a company, illuminate cultural aspects that due-diligence cannot uncover.
Organizational Culture
We look at employee expectations, experiences, philosophy, and the values that guide company behavior. Expressed in member self-image, inner workings, interactions with the outside world, and future expectations, these shared beliefs, behaviors, assumptions and values are written and unwritten rules that have been developed over time inside the walls of the business.
Employee Engagement
Businesses need employees to have emotional commitment to the organization and its goals. Engaged employees actually care about their work and their company. Language plays a bigger role than endless snacks. We help you by getting direct feedback and creating a program to enroll your people in your brand’s mission.
Portfolio Alignment
We bring an outsider’s perspective and process in which new and existing products are evaluated, selected, accelerated, expanded, killed, or de-prioritized by your team. We use brand vision and mission as drivers that consider the softer side of user need to look at maximizing opportunity, strategic alignment, consumer desire and focus.
Innovation Workshops
Innovation’s purpose is to drive growth. But coming up with new ideas when you’re already busy doing the things you do on a daily basis can feel daunting. That’s why Retail Voodoo offers half-day innovation and ideation workshops – our format will help you get unstuck and into a future of possibilities.
Brand Coaching
Entrepreneurial founders/owners are empowered through the lens of brand. Move more rapidly with less second-guessing by leveraging Retail Voodoo as a sounding board while you implement your new brand strategy. We offer post-strategy coaching engagements of three, six, or nine months to keep you moving forward with confidence and clarity.
Brand Stewardship
Designed to help you manage brand alignment within your organization. We know how to clearly and consistently advocate for the brand: fight for it, defend it, uphold its core values, and live its essence. We help you to cultivate and encourage your employees to become brand evangelists.

Retail Voodoo not only executed flawlessly but also brought our retail presentation to the next level. The Retail Voodoo team sees the immediate needs at retail and through their work they are able to create a lasting consumer impression.

  • - D. Berger / Senior Marketing Director
  • Brooks Running

Retail Voodoo was on my radar for years prior to our rebrand. They made us think, brought clarity to the research process, and revitalized our packaging’s soul. This helped us move with a new level confidence that resulted in stronger sales.

  • - Will Blount / President
  • Ruffwear

When I joined Sur La Table, I called just one agency to develop our new branding tool kit. This is my third major retailer where I’ve leveraged Lemley and his band of voodoo-ites. I have become a true believer of their work. They do convert consumers into true believers!

  • - Robb Ginter / VP Creative Services
  • Sur La Table

David and his team are creative brand experts that know how to stay on task. He’s not afraid to say what needs to be said and he brings even the most stubborn of us around with solid research and gut instincts.

  • - Laurie Albrecht / (former) VP Marketing
  • PCC Natural Markets

David Lemley and team intensively researched our company and gave us the revitalized brand identity and retail brand design that are really rooted in our outdoor culture. The way this has resonated with our employees and our customers is amazing.

  • - D. Madsen (retired) / CEO
  • REI

Be proud of your work! Great impact on shelf, and the new design change combined with the new recipe has buyers excited (Walmart included!).

  • - Marjolaine DeClaviere / VP Marketing
  • Russell Stover

Retail Voodoo helped us define who we are, why we do what we do and how to talk about with others around the globe.

  • - J. Russell / CEO & Founder
  • Teton Waters Ranch

Our team couldn’t be more positive or excited about the new strategy, packaging and integrated marketing system. We are exceeding monthly numbers far beyond what we could even imagine.

  • - Karyn Abrahamson / VP Marketing
  • Essentia Water

Through their process, Retail Voodoo allowed us to identify uniquely differentiated brand strategies. Their work positioned our brands for a new generation of organic ice cream eaters and put us on a path to quickly accelerate our growth in the marketplace.

  • - Michelle Hunt / VP of Marketing
  • Alden's Organic

Working with Retail Voodoo made us feel like we were in safe hands while undergoing a vulnerable challenge. Their process and enthusiasm really made the journey clearly defined and a breath of fresh air. As a result of our work together, Living Intentions has a wonderfully refreshed and innovative brand, clear messaging for our consumers, and accessibility to meeting our internal goals. I strongly recommend them.

  • - Joshua McHugh / Owner
  • Living Intentions

Retail Voodoo is a great partner for Hilary’s. Their strategy process helped us get back to our core, redefine our why, and propel us into the future. Our business continues to grow, just like they said it would.

  • - Lydia Butler / CEO
  • Hilary’s Eat Well

I admit I was skeptical that brand strategy could grow our business and change our culture. But Retail Voodoo’s unwavering commitment to guide us into the future worked!

  • - Linda Miles / President
  • Derma-E

Wow, wow, wow! Retail Voodoo’s work was astounding!

  • - Erika Cottrell / VP of Marketing
  • Sahale Snacks

Retail Voodoo helped us create a bold, iconic, bright, crisp, high-impact and highly visible packaging system and got us thinking about our product portfolio in a way that helped move our business forward.

  • - Bill Sternoff / CEO
  • Body Glide

This team of experts knows how to stay on task. They’re not afraid to say what needs to be said and bring even the most stubborn of us around with solid research and gut instincts.

  • - Laurie Albrecht / VP of Marketing
  • PCC Natural Markets

What I like about Retail Voodoo is that they are fearless in their approach. They partner with you so they’re right by your side through the whole process. They’re very passionate partners as well.

  • - Sharelle Klaus / CEO & Founder
  • DRY

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