We help food & beverage brands solve their toughest growth challenges.

When we believe in something, it will win. When we’re confident in what we know, because we’ve accurately assessed the problem and validated our solution, we can look our clients in the face and tell them, “This will work.” Because it does, every time. However, we won’t ever do that without doing five times the amount of homework necessary. That is why if we can’t make a recommendation with conviction, we won’t. And if we don’t yet have the right answer, we’ll say so.

Our Expertise:

  • Deep roots in food & beverage

  • CPG (300+ partnerships)

  • 25 Years experience positioning global brands

  • Innovation led repositioning

  • Cross over to omni-channel

We Stand By These 3 Principles:

01 / Research

Research and data don’t lie but they do point to opportunity. However, data requires expertise to mine for insights relevant to a specific brand.

02 / Guts

Insight mining data is only half the equation. That is why breakthroughs come to those who are willing to think boldly for both short and long term.

03 / Growth

Strategic insight needs to be actionable. For this reason, strategy must drive action that will sustainably grow your brand now and in the future.

David Lemley, Founder & Chief Strategist

David is a man on a mission. A mission to help today’s ideology-driven food and beverage brands decide where to play and how to win. Not to mention changing the way people think about what they eat and drink. David sets the standard for all research, innovation, brand strategy, brand positioning, and marketing translation for Retail Voodoo.

Based in Seattle, he believes process, data, and what his clients have called “a little west-coast whoop ass” separate Retail Voodoo from other innovation and brand strategy advisory firms.

Read why David believes there is a better, mission-driven approach to becoming a powerful brand.

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Prior to Retail Voodoo

David has led global creative strategy teams at multinational firms and founded Lemley Design Company out of a closet in his one-room apartment.

Thought Leadership Articles

• Nutritional Outlook
• BrandWeek
• Brand Packaging
• The Journal of Design Management

Past Speaking Engagements

• BevNet Live: Brand Evolution, Brand Revolution
• The National Retail Federation
• The Design Management Institute

Our Team

We’ve purposefully gathered a focused, hardworking team who believe in business as a force for good. People who realized that we make a difference in the world by helping our clients grow and evolve the way people think about food and beverage.

Are you a believer in business as a force for good? Do you want to transform brands that change the world?
Let’s do it together.


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