We’re on a mission to disrupt and heal a broken system – improving the world’s health one brand at a time. We’re helping brands empower consumers by making healthy living more approachable. 

Our Mission

We’re transforming 300 brands in the next ten years. Our design is not just “pretty” – it radically transforms the way Americans think about food and play. We see a world where conventional grocery will be the new specialty grocery, and where it’s easy for consumers to make healthier choices.

Our Values

Know Thy Industry

Knowledge is power, that’s why we use data and research to drive everything we do.

Better Everyday

We constantly strive to improve ourselves personally and professionally.


We arm our clients with the tools to change the world.


We push. We explore. We assume nothing.

True Believers Only

We trust in the power of healthy living and using business as a force for good.


We deliver on our promise. Period.

Our Story

We’ve honed our craft over the years – calling our process of strategy-centered design “Voodoo” since 1999. But we didn’t have the nerve to change our name. Something was missing. We lacked purpose. That is, until we made the connection between exercise and optimism, and healthy eating and human potential. This radical mindset shift helped us realize our contribution to society could be so much bigger and better than selling products filled with crap, big pharma, and promoting a sedentary life. We became true believers in the power of healthy living after witnessing our personal lives and our loved ones transformed by this lifestyle. We put our ideology forward to help the do-gooders do good, and soon after, Retail Voodoo was born.

Our Team

We are brand strategists, designers, and writers on the hunt for meaning. Our team firmly believes in using creativity as a tool to improve the world’s health. Our studio focuses on teaching and learning – allowing us to collaborate and constantly challenge our mindsets. We encourage each other to use data to inform design while also listening to gut instinct – our formula for brand magic.

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We practice what we preach … except when we don’t. We’re foodies and beer fanatics. We’re marathon runners and punk-rock enthusiasts. We’re parents and friends. We’re change-agents.

David Lemley Founder / Chief Strategist
Diana Fryc Director of Operations
Jacob Carter Design Director
Molly Beier Director of Account Services
Eric Wyttenbach Senior Designer
Kat Simpson Graphic Designer
Madeleine Wilson Marketing Strategist

Are you a believer in business as a force for good? Do you want to transform brands that transform the world? Let’s do it together. 


Or give us a call at 206.285.6900