Writers, strategists, designers, and artists hunting for meaning

Retail Voodoo is a branding agency for food, beverage, wellness and fitness industries. Consumers have infinite choices. Our mission is to make it possible for brands to break through, become a category of one, and foster a community of believers.

Our Story

We believe that brands can change the world for the better. For two decades, we’ve helped them grow big enough, wide enough, and make enough of a racket (and a profit) to effect that change. Our expertise in brand strategy, innovation, consumer markets, and design averages triple-digit growth in gross revenue for our clients. Our focus: make it easy for consumers to make healthier choices. We’re true believers in the power of healthy living. With rigor, passion, and creativity, we have guided brands to make the connection between exercise and optimism, and between healthy eating and human potential. We do not work with brands that sell products filled with crap, big pharma, or promote a sedentary life. We work with brands we believe in: enlightened, sustainable do-gooders hell-bent on being a force for good.

Our Team

We are brand strategists, designers, and writers on the hunt for meaning. We believe in using creativity as a tool to improve the world’s health. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We practice what we preach … except when we don’t. We’re foodies and beer fanatics. We’re marathon runners and punk-rock enthusiasts. We’re parents and friends. We’re change-agents.

Our Values

Know Thy Industry

Knowledge is power, that’s why we use data and research to drive everything we do.

Better Every Day

We constantly strive to improve ourselves personally and professionally.


We arm our clients with the tools to change the world.


We push. We explore. We assume nothing.

True believers only

We trust in the power of healthy living and using business as a force for good.


We deliver on our promise. Period.

Are you a believer in business as a force for good? Do you want to transform brands that transform the world? Let’s do it together.


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