You believe in your brand. It should cross over, break through, and capture market share and it can – but not without brand strategy.

You believe in your specialty food and beverage brand. You want your brand to be the one that crosses over, breaks through, and grabs new market share. You think you should be able to grow it on your own, and feel unsatisfied because your perfect products, charismatic salespeople, strong distribution, and Instagram-worthy packaging has led you to serve a niche audience of loyal followers who don’t want you to change. So real growth remains elusive.

You keep asking yourself how to grow your audience without losing your core followers. You’re not really sure why, but your leadership team is concerned that any attempts to grow your audience and retail channels beyond minor tweaks will erode your brand equity with your current loyalists. And maybe you have even tried to tweak your brand so it can sit on shelf at conventional retail, but it was discontinued due to velocity hurdles, price resistance, or being too early to the party with whatever ingredient trend was hot that year.

You rely heavily on being seen as better-for-you, clean ingredient, and more eco-conscious than your competition. That worked really well for a long time, but it’s not working like it used to, and you’re feeling like mainstream omni-channel acceptance is getting farther away.

You believe in your brand. You crafted it carefully and know you’re able to scale up to meet new demand when it comes. But you’re at a loss as to how to get it.

We understand. We’d love to talk with you to see if we can help you build a strategy that will create more believers and grow your specialty food and beverage brand.

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“Retail Voodoo helped us see our category in ways we could never imagine. The results speak for themselves.

Erika Cottrell

VP of Marketing, Sahale Snacks

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