You believe in your brand. It should cross over, break through, and capture market share and it can – but not without innovation and brand strategy.

You believe in your food and beverage brand. You want your brand to experience remarkable growth and have a future, but the who, what, where and why to answering some or all of those questions remains elusive. You seek to gain clarity and confidence to help guide your brand forward with a plan for the future (of course without losing current loyalists). You long for a partnership that provides leadership, expertise and the honest truth. You make decisions for your brand and you even have the resources to make growth happen. But how?

Client Criteria

  • Need an expert team

  • Can handle the truth

  • Are frank about budget

  • Are a decision maker

  • Can meet our minimum engagement fee of $100k

  • Are further resourced to implement growth strategies

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You are tasked with growing your food & beverage brand.
We help clients answer questions like these everyday.

Are we targeting the right consumer to grow our brand?

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Where does my brand have permission to stretch?

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How do I evolve by brand and bring my loyalists along?

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How do I revitalize my brand?

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I have the what & how but how do I find my brand’s why?

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Is it a marketing problem or a brand problem?

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“Retail Voodoo helped us see our category in ways we could never imagine. The results speak for themselves.

Erika Cottrell

VP of Marketing, Sahale Snacks

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