5 Ways Sports & Outdoor Enthusiasts Craft Their Sense of Self with Brand

27.03.13 / David Lemley

When it comes to what people do with their free time, there’s just something different about the way sports and outdoor enthusiasts see the world.

Mine Mythos to Discover Your Brand’s Cultability

11.03.13 / David Lemley

There’s a reason that companies with aspirations of greatness don’t name themselves things like Bob’s Climbing Equipment or Bob’s Auto Parts. Sure, Bob is a great guy, members of the…

The Importance of Vocabulary in Marketing

06.03.13 / David Lemley

People, people, people! If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times, it’s important to get our vocabulary straight, as a recent piece in ADWEEK shows. The story details designer…

Leverage Self-Selection Using Brand Ritual

04.03.13 / David Lemley

The best-loved brands are enablers; they help their devotees to live better, more meaningful lives. These brands make life richer because they don’t focus on selling products and services or…

Secret Meaning is the New Black

27.02.13 / David Lemley

As odd as it sounds, companies that want to create their own brand could learn a lot from the kids who helped you build your first treehouse, Yale University’s Skull…

5 Ways Cult Brands Bridge the Gap in the Customers’ Mind

13.02.13 / David Lemley

It’s easy to spot the brands who seized the imagination of a small group and then taught that group how to spread the word, make converts and turn their fringe…

From Bland to Grand: Packaging that Does More than Sport a New Look

15.01.13 / David Lemley

You’d think that when it comes to sports and outdoor merchandise, packaging would pack a punch. But we’re just not feeling it. Can’t even bear to look at the sea…

Great Packaging Delivers On A Brand’s Promise

04.12.12 / David Lemley

There’s a lot of adequate packaging out there. But it’s the reason why so many category products don’t stand out. What we ought to be aiming for is disruptive packaging.…

Retail Success: Delivering Core Brand Values Experientially

26.11.12 / David Lemley

Customers don’t care about the products you’re selling. They don’t care about your promotions. Your advertising doesn’t cut it, either. Stores must get out of the 20th century mind-set that…

What’s Needed: A Retail Refresh or Total Rebrand?

12.11.12 / David Lemley

So many retailers are at a standstill. They often blame it on a sluggish economy. But is that the problem? Consumers are spending. Maybe they’re more judicious about it, but…

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