Brand Extensions: Worth Doing or Not?

02.11.12 / David Lemley

Quick: how many new brand extensions made an impact on you last year? Can’t remember many, if any, can you? That’s the problem. So many new products come out and…

Retailers: Customers Don’t Want a Relationship with You, They Want Relevance

08.10.12 / David Lemley

No amount of discounting, promotional activity, sweetening incentives in loyalty programs and streamlining the purchasing experience will cajole the customer into a relationship with a retail brand that isn’t relevant…

Design is Transformational: But Only if Strategy & Execution Marry

02.08.12 / David Lemley

The problem with retail environments today is that they’re still transactional in nature. Most retailers really haven’t changed much in their thinking or their approach to retail design. Retailing is…

Identity Crisis: The Seven Deadly Sins of Branding

31.07.12 / David Lemley

Economic limbo cannot erase the fact that we live in a world where cars start the first time, phones are addictive and the gourmet coffee, is well, gourmet. Only the…

Use Design as Theater to Create User-Centered Packaging Experience

30.07.12 / David Lemley

It is no longer enough to be merely purchased and consumed, products have to relate to customers in a way that creates brand loyalty and longevity as an expression of…

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