Mainstream Manuka Honey

The State of the Brand:

As the Manuka Honey category gained traction in the wellness world, the rating systems, restrictions, and product quality associated with Manuka products available from competitors left consumers skeptical and confused.

How We Helped

We cleared up consumer confusion for Wedderspoon by repositioning its brand as the leading Manuka Honey brand for the mainstream market. We simplified their brand, packaging, and narrative to emphasize quality, traceability, and the joy of living life well. We also prioritized new product innovations in food, energy, skincare, and digestion.

The Results

Wedderspoon grew to become the #1 best-selling brand of Manuka in the U.S.
“Retail Voodoo led our team through brand positioning to final design across six categories. We appreciated the methodical approach they deployed throughout our engagement.”
– Rebecca Remley, CEO, Wedderspoon

Scope Of Work

We helped Wedderspoon bring their natural brand to the mainstream.

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