Ignited 20x Growth in Just 3 Years

The State of the Brand:

A craft soda company struggling to regain its category leadership in a crowded shelf full of copycats and bold flavors.

How We Helped

Our brand strategy process helped DRY to return to its roots and see itself as a culinary sparkling beverage brand. We identified new target audiences, channel strategies, and packaging priorities, leading to our evolution of their iconic design system to meet the elevated expectations of modern consumers.

The Results

DRY Sparkling’s reposition allowed the brand to achieve 20x Growth in the first 3 years and become the fastest-growing carbonated soft drink (CSD) in North America.

“What I like about Retail Voodoo is that they are fearless in their approach. They partner with you so they’re right by your side through the whole process. They’re very passionate partners”

– Sharelle Klaus, CEO & Founder, Dry Soda Company

Scope Of Work

We helped DRY Sparkling gain mass appeal in the sparkling beverage category.

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