Introduced a Cult Brand
to a Wider Audience

Source: SGB Online

Sugoi 360° Brand Development


How does a cult cycling brand with an audience of loyal “Jersey Monkeys” but no visual equities (and little paid media dollars) reach a new audience of “Starbucks Riders” at mass retail and move into running and swimming?


Use iconography to simplify technical information so that both novice and professional riders would understand the product functionality. Use this approach to grow running and swimming interest.


Sugoi now presents itself as a radically differentiated pioneer in the performance cycling category. The new iconography, product illustrations, and packaging system are helping Sugoi reach their new audiences without alienating the core audience that built them.

Scope of Work

  • Brand Architecture
  • Packaging System
  • POS Strategy
  • Style Guide

“David Lemley and team are masters at reduction. They created a vibrant new packaging solution for Sugoi that simplified our 34 proprietary fabrics technologies into one simple, easy to use visual language.”

– D. Murphy, (former) Director of Marketing, Sugoi

We helped  Sugoi turn a cult cycling brand into an athletic apparel company. What’s your brand’s growth challenge?

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