Launched from DTC to Target in 6 Months

HighKey 360° Brand Development

The State of the Brand

This startup brand had taken some impressive steps in their first year: Thanks to a combination of funding and food innovation capability, they’d generated big sales on Amazon for their signature product, a Keto diet-friendly cookie.

But brand leaders were ready to move beyond the direct-to-consumer channel and grow their product line. They came to us with about 100 product ideas and asked, what should we make next?

How We Helped

We helped HighKey refine their brand positioning and define their audience, so their product development opportunities became crystal clear.

Looking at high-level Amazon data, marketers thought their audience were weightlifting Keto dudes who avoided sugar to shape their bodies. A deeper dive into the data, during our 360 Brand Development, showed a much wider fan base: suburban on-the-go moms who were cutting calories to manage weight and who wanted a great-tasting, fun snack.

We repositioned HighKey as a low-sugar treat that’s just as tasty as the traditional snacks everyone loves. We crafted a new tagline—FOMO No Mo’—to reassure consumers that they wouldn’t miss out on great flavor and enjoyment. And we developed a new packaging design system that elevates the brand for a mass audience and looks nothing like a “diet” brand.

With the audience and brand strategy in place, we helped them pivot away from Keto and developed a 5-year product innovation road map built on helping consumers eat sensibly without compromising on flavor.

The Results

The company now has a WHY where they previously only had a WHAT.

In just six months, HighKey exploded—from a DTC-only brand to the shelf at Target. By emphasizing low-carb over Keto and emphasizing appetite appeal, HighKey generated north of $50million in sales in the first year after our engagement.

  • Unleashed our 360° Brand Strategy Development, Audit & Analysis, Audience Insights, Research & Insights, Brand Positioning, Visual Strategy
  • Developed a targeted, trend-proof product development pipeline.
  • Created an “unbreakable” packaging system that emphasizes taste appeal.
  • Took the brand from DTC to Target in 6 months.
  • Generated $50million+ in sales in Year 1.

“Retail Voodoo helped us align over 100 product ideas into 7 categories we’re using to grow our brand. What a tremendous partner!”

– John Gibb, CEO, Summit Naturals + HighKey

We helped HighKey grow from DTC to retail in 6 months. What’s your brand’s growth challenge?

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