Evolved a Natural Channel Snack Brand

The State of the Brand:

Buddha Bowl popcorn brand enjoyed a loyal but limited following at Whole Foods. The brand owners wanted growth and wider distribution.

How We Helped

We teamed up with LesserEvil Healthy Snacks to evolve Buddha Bowl popcorn into a cohesive brand story that would allow for many additional product lines and attract a much wider fan base. We co-created a go-to-market strategy, innovation roadmap, and playful packaging architecture based on the idea that clean ingredients, transparency, and mindful snacking can make each of us our own snack guru.

The Results

We provided the catalyst for LesserEvil Healthy Snacks to transform from a single channel to an omnichannel brand leader – generating 50% growth in the first year.

“You guys quickly understood our brand and our goals. And quickly helped us achieve our vision. Our business is much stronger because of our work with Retail Voodoo.”

– Charles Coristine, CEO + President, LesserEvil

Scope Of Work

We helped LesserEvil win new channels and new audiences while keeping their core consumers happy.

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