Reinvented a Brand for
50% Topline Growth

LesserEvil Healthy Brands 360° Brand Development


Brand name limiting growth opportunities

  • Natural channel communications not translating to mainstream consumers.
  • Evolution of brand and product line driven by opportunity not strategy.
  • Buddha instantly recognizable, yet polarizing outside of Whole Foods.


Improve and grow the brand to not only satisfy core market but also expand to a larger market.


  • Brand awareness not scalable.(Consumers recognized Buddha Bowl product as the brand, limiting innovation to popcorn).
  • No brand recall for Lesser Evil with consumers despite heavy promotion in Whole Foods.
  • Each new product seen by consumers as new brands.
  • Random fans created Buddha Bowl Instagram account and influencers followed it instead of Lesser Evil.
  • Brand name and core identity meant more internally than to retailers & consumers.


  • Evolve Buddha Bowl to make a cohesive brand story, product line and packaging architecture.
  • Reposition snack guru that makes mindful snacks for the real world.
  • Simplify ingredient messaging without dumbing it down.
  • Celebrate the company’s manufacturing ethics.
  • Establish brand-driven guardrails for innovation.

Go-to-Market Strategy:

The snack guru. Life’s a journey, we’ll bring the snacks.


Sinful Taste. Clean Snacks


  • Topline growth 50% in first year.
  • Launched 4 new product lines in first year.

Sources: Forbes, Project Nosh, LesserEvil

Scope of Work

  • Audits & Analysis
  • Audience Insights
  • Research & Insights
  • Trend Analysis
  • SKU Rationalization
  • Brand Positioning
  • Visual Strategy
  • Packaging Design
  • Branded Ecosystem
  • Sales Collateral
  • Character Illustrations
  • Style Guide

“Unlike many consultants, David and his team effectively demonstrated that they understood our brand and our perspective on the industry before they brought their considerable CPG experience into the conversation. Our business is much stronger because of our work with Retail Voodoo.”

– Charles Coristine, CEO + President, LesserEvil

We helped LesserEvil improve and grow the brand to satisfy their core market while also expanding its maker. What’s your brand’s growth challenge?

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