Sparked 5x Growth in 18 Months

Sahale Snacks 360° Brand Strategy


Struggling to Gain Trial Outside of Club

  • Losing shelf space with very important retailers.
  • Consumers questioned the meaning of “better”.
  • Even loyal fans of the brand struggled to know when and how to enjoy the products.


Gain distribution, drive trial, and gain faithful followers.


  • A segmentation study uncovered an audience that appreciates grab-and-go culinary flavors.
  • Consumers didn’t understand why they were positioned for special occasion.
  • Once people tried the product, repeat use was assured.
  • Unpronounceable brand name and esoteric flavor naming left retailers and consumers feeling stupid.


  • Create a “Snack Better Promise”.
  • Use plain English for flavor names.
  • Create trial by offering their products in single-serve, portion controlled pouches.
  • Amplify cravings with simple language and mouth-watering photography.

Positioning Statement:

Savor Every Moment


  • Triple-digit growth in the first year.
  • Bestselling brand of snack nuts in North America.

Scope of Work

  • Audits & Analysis
  • Audience Insights
  • Research & Insights
  • Trend Analysis
  • Brand Positioning
  • Visual Strategy
  • Packaging Design
  • Branded Ecosystem
  • Sales Collateral
  • Photography Guidelines
  • Brand Bible

“Retail Voodoo helped us see our category in ways we could never imagine. The results speak for themselves.”

– Erika Cottrell, VP of Marketing, Sahale Snacks

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