Cracking The Code for Retail

The State of the Brand:

The fast-growing Sahale Snacks brand was challenged by velocity at the shelf. The brand offered fruit-and-nut blends with culinary flavor profiles, but lack of clarity was dragging sales. As a result, category managers didn’t know where to merchandise the brand.

How We Helped

We guided Sahale Snacks through SKU rationalization, then advanced and refined brand positioning to promise a “Beyond Ordinary” snacking experience via recipe and ingredient quality. Translating the brand promise visually, we updated their packaging to accentuate the products’ flavor and freshness.

The Results

We helped Sahale Snacks crack the code at retail to become the best-selling brand of snack nuts in North America.
“Retail Voodoo helped us see our category in ways we could never imagine. The results speak for themselves.”
– Erika Cottrell, VP of Marketing, Sahale Snacks

Scope Of Work

We helped Sahale Snacks disrupt the snack nuts category.

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