Growth from regional to national brand

Del Real Foods


Connect an authentic Mexican food brand to modern life

We are very impressed with the process and the results – especially since there were so many people on the team that were very worried about the change. Retail Voodoo provided us with the tools needed to take Del Real from a local west coast brand to a top national brand.

  • — Socorro Morales / Marketing Director / Del Real Foods


Del Real Foods had quietly built a Mexican Food empire in Southern California and wanted to grow to a national brand. Their regional success made management reluctant to change anything for fear of losing their existing retail customers, loyal Hispanic consumers and food service clientele.

Can we grow a national brand without losing street cred with our core audience?


Going National required clearer messaging that would speak to everyone without losing the authenticity that families have come to know and trust. Research showed that their traditional recipes, quality ingredients and freshness is unique among Mexican Food brands.

Our new packaging is meant to create a sense of place that both honors the founding family’s recipes from specific regions of Mexico, but invites everyone to enjoy food worthy of time around the table even if they are eating on the go.

Our go-to-market:

  1. Establish a tone of voice, story and look to engage, surprise and delight ethnic cuisine enthusiasts.
  2. Honor the founding family and its traditional recipes in a way that feels timeless and contemporary, instead of getting lost in the sea of Mexican food brands that all say “This one time in old Mexico…”
  3. Make the food look as good as it tastes

Brand positioning: Mexican tradition for modern life


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