Essentia is the fastest growing performance water brand in the USA

Essentia Water


Differentiate a water brand in a crowded market

Our team couldn’t be more positive or excited about the new strategy, packaging and integrated marketing system. We are exceeding monthly numbers far beyond what we could even imagine.

  • — Karyn Abrahamson / VP Marketing / Essentia Water


Essentia was a complex consumer sell to people who were confused, saying, “c’mon, water is water.” As a result Essentia was getting lumped in with all bottled waters.

Misunderstood by all but elite athletes and medical practitioners who were shopping for water at Whole Foods, Essentia needed to communicate its real difference.

We needed to disrupt the unbelievable clichés that happen when marketing water, to set Essentia apart


  1. The scientific research showed a link between hydration, mood, cognitive function, and wellness. Retail Voodoo used this research to clearly explain what makes Essentia different (9.5 pH, alkalinity, and ionization) and connected this to the outcomes associated with a joy-filled, determined, achieving lifestyle. We then crafted their founder’s origin story to cut through marketing-speak and encourage non-athletes to seek their best selves while drinking up more of life.
  2. Our go-to-market strategy: We invited overachievers from all walks of life to join the #Essentianation. An open call to be the best version of yourself whether a DJ, teenager, performance athlete, yarn collector, or tuba player. The Essentia Manifesto begins with,  “We’re here to put a flag in the ground and tell the world that a better you starts with a better water.”

Brand Position: Overachieving H20


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