4.3x growth in first two years

Hilary's Eat Well


Evolve a veggie burger manufacturer into a culinary leader in allergen-free foods

Retail Voodoo is a great partner for Hilary’s. Their strategy process helped us get back to our core, redefine our why, and propel us into the future. Our business continues to grow, just like they said it would.

  • — Lydia Butler / CEO / Hilary’s Eat Well


While vegans and vegetarians loved Hilary’s, conventional retailers doubted if the brand could meet velocity hurdles, despite Whole Foods’ acceptance of their original veggie burger. Their packaging was simply not designed for retail.

Their outspoken fan-base refused to share them with anyone else and stopped the brand’s momentum in its tracks. Because the brand was attempting to honor loyal consumers, all key messages and public relations focused on the vegan lifestyle to the point that vegans, omnivores, and vegetarians fought over Hilary’s on social media.

The packaging was invisible through the freezer door


  1. Research uncovered two latent assets in Hilary’s brand DNA: Culinary roots and an ingredient deck free from all eight foods that comprise the most common food allergens. We refocused Hilary’s to get back to living their mission to heal the American diet through sustainable farming, alternative grains, and plant-based protein. Next, we asked Hillary’s to change the way they thought about their ingredients. Refocusing on reaching the American family through product innovation, messaging strategy, and a packaging design (instead of strictly appeasing the vegan crowd) resulted in the tagline, “Eating Well Made Easy.”
  2. We created new packaging to stand out on shelf and create better brand blocking in the freezer door. The secondary goal of the packaging was to balance free-from common allergens with the culinary varieties. Our social media strategy wove sustainable farming, the American diet, and eating well while being free-from common allergens with the reality of fixing healthy meals fast in modern America.

Brand Position: Eating Well Made Easy

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