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Growth from single retail channel to national grocery, club, and Amazon.

Loma Linda


Introduce the world’s oldest vegetarian brand to the modern world.


Loma Linda began creating shelf-stable meat analogs in 1890. And survived as a brand in a single specialty retailer with limited locations in rural areas.

Fast forward to today and the meatless alternatives category is maturing in fresh and frozen but remains wide open for shelf-stable. The question became, how do we honor our past and grow in to the future with a wider audience?

Seventh Day Adventists have loved the brand for 120 years.


  1. We helped Loma Linda to establish a tiered product portfolio that allowed them to tap in to their namesake’s (Loma Linda, California) distinction as the only Blue Zone in the U.S.A. All while keeping the traditional recipes safe for long term loyalists.
  2. New messaging featured the brand’s mission to create sustainable alternative proteins for the masses, and aligned perfectly with Adventist church’s history and mission. Using a contemporary tone and voice we invited new people to try clean label, sustainable plant-based proteins as ready-to-eat meals and honor the last twelve decades.

Brand Position: Sustainable Plant-Based Protein Since 1890

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