Evolve a Manuka Honey producer into a wellness brand



Mainstream Manuka Honey

Retail Voodoo led our team through the process from brand positioning to final design in order to create cohesive, spectacular imagery across six categories that captures the heart of Wedderspoon. We appreciated the methodical approach that Retail Voodoo deployed throughout our engagement, from diagnosis to the final design phase.

  • — Rebecca Remley / CEO / Wedderspoon


Wedderspoon is a Manuka Honey brand with global reach. When the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) began rewriting the regulatory standard for Manuka Honey, some well-funded competitors began to conspire to erode Wedderspoon’s good name.

Retail Voodoo’s research uncovered that not all Manuka Honey is created equal. Questionable practices by leading brands and celebrity endorsement had created an unstable atmosphere for the Manuka Honey category and subsequently the Wedderspoon brand.

Wedderspoon enjoyed its premium position in the marketplace, yet the brand and packaging were unapproachable


Using audience segmentation and other primary research, Retail Voodoo identified key opportunities for the Wedderspoon brand to position itself as the thought leading Manuka Honey producer. First, using trend forecasting analysis we worked with Wedderspoon’s leadership team to prioritize new product innovation in some surprising categories, including food, energy, skin care, and children’s products. Wedderspoon has gone on to produce a swarm of new products.

Next, we focused on getting the world to understand that the MPI’s standard for Manuka production was Wedderspoon’s minimum viability and their emphasis on RAW makes their quality, purity, and business ethics beyond reproach.

Our new design evolves the brand to be more premium, more approachable, and easier to read with strong shelf presence. And it works well in new product categories.

The rebrand of Wedderspoon is focused on growing a global audience of wellness-minded, mainstream consumers, instead of focusing exclusively on the Natural channel shopper.


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