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Sahale Snacks



Seen as a small, niche, and Pacific Northwest-only player in the snack nut category, Sahale Snacks struggled to gain trial outside of the club channel. With little household penetration and turns that were not meeting the velocity hurdles at many retailers, the leadership team asked themselves: Do we have a true commitment to building a brand coast to coast and making the investments necessary to gain distribution, drive trial, and gain faithful followers?

When we began our work, Sahale Snacks consisted of three different product lines in attractive but ineffectual packaging. While the photography and packaging looked amazing on screen and in hand, it disappeared on shelf. Retailers struggled to find the right placement.

Core messages, media, public relations, and social were a juxtapositon of an ultra-premium cocktail party snack mix and healthier snacking benefits with an emphasis on a rugged, outdoor lifestyle.

Primary research in the form of an Attitudes and Usage (A & U) study revealed that even loyal fans struggled to know when and how to enjoy the products. Research also uncovered misaligned consumer expectations after they opened the package.

Their “Snack Better” messaging had consumers questioning the meaning of “better.” Did it mean taste (a subjective notion)? Or healthier? If so, how?

As result, Sahale was losing shelf space with very important retailers.


First, we encouraged Sahale to take a stand for their commitment to quality, sustainability, and community, and move away from the simple all-natural claim. The move resulted in a verified non-GMO status and the creation of the Sahale Snacks “Snack Better Promise” – a series of five certifications that clarify what they mean by better: thoughtfully sourced, carefully crafted, committed to community.

We addressed new packaging to amplify cravings by emphasizing taste and ingredients. Then we suggested smaller, portion controlled packaging, and unraveling the sense of place that had driven the confusion around usage occasion. Careful consideration was given to imagery, simplicity, identity, and shelf shout, giving people permission to eat Sahale Snacks every day.

We learned the naming convention (esoteric, hard-to-pronounce flavor names and brand name) was the real disconnect, so we renamed everything but the company, using a filter focused on foodies, variety, health, and cravings.


  • 5x growth in the first 18 months
  • Acquired by J. M. Smucker Co.

Wow, wow, wow! Retail Voodoo’s work was astounding!

  • - Erika Cottrell / VP of Marketing
  • Sahale Snacks

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