Leading brand of Activated Superfoods at Whole Foods

Living Intentions


Make raw and sprouted foods accessible and attractive to modern people

Working with Retail Voodoo made us feel like we were in safe hands while undergoing a vulnerable challenge. Their process and enthusiasm really made the journey clearly defined and a breath of fresh air. As a result of our work together, Living Intentions has a wonderfully refreshed and innovative brand, clear messaging for our consumers, and accessibility to meeting our internal goals. I strongly recommend them.

  • — Joshua McHugh / Owner / Living Intentions


Living Intentions enjoyed a decade-long reputation as respected experts of Raw and Sprouted foods. When Whole Foods decided to de-categorize Raw and simply call it a product attribute, Living Intentions needed to evolve.

When we began our work, Living Intentions was most popular in the bulk bins, but not getting credit for being a brand. Outside of the bulk bins their packaging looked like many other natural food snack brands — selling optimism, feeling dated, and making the product look like it might taste like cardboard.

Core messages were too complex and esoteric to create consumer trial


  1. As mainstream consumers became aware of Raw and Sprouted foods, Living Intentions needed to get credit for being the industry’s quality standard bearer. And culinary genius.
  2. Retail Voodoo helped redefine the category from Raw and Sprouted with a varied cast of ingredients and benefits into a platform of Activated Foods.
  3. We changed the narrative from earnest health food authority to empowering contemporary food enthusiast that understands nutrition and bio-availability at the metaphysical level.
  4. We reinvented their packaging and identity to focus on how activated foods make people feel. The arrowhead motif signifies the brand’s dedication to moving forward through inspiring people to be active, creative, and never settling when it comes to taste and nutrition.

Brand Position: Activated Makes Me Feel…

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