Julie’s is the leading national brand of organic super-premium frozen treats.

Julie's Organic


Reimagine a super-premium, organic treat brand

Through their process, Retail Voodoo allowed us to identify uniquely differentiated brand strategies. Their work positioned our brands for a new generation of organic ice cream eaters and put us on a path to quickly accelerate our growth in the marketplace.

  • — M. Hunt / VP Marketing Oregon Ice Cream / Julie's Organic


Despite being the original brand of organic ice cream, Julie’s struggled to capitalize on being first to market.

Although being first helped the brand get placements in natural grocers, they were running a sales strategy that relied on the charismatic founder to be involved in the sales process. As a result, the company had never purchased data, strategized for their retailer category reviews, done a meaningful SKU rationalization, or even locked down a formula for vanilla. Julie’s products were inconsistent and indiscernible from a host of other brands, including Alden’s, the brand created for Julie’s son.

We began working with Julie’s right after the founding family had sold the brand and the factory to private equity.

Julie’s had quietly aged along with the earliest adopters of the organic movement, becoming the status ice cream of earnest retirees at Sunday supper


Oregon Ice Cream asked us to build unique brand positions for Julie’s and Alden’s that did not overlap or create ambiguity for customers, retailers, within shelf sets, or within the parent company Oregon Ice Cream.

For Julie’s organic, we needed to attract a younger audience.

Our research showed that a whopping 81% of female ice cream eaters age 18-42 would be moderately-to-extremely interested in a premium indulgent frozen treat that provided portion control and flavor profiles that were just for her. This research indicated that women would seek out and be willing to pay for an organic, just-for-them ice cream.

We worked directly with the leadership and product development teams at Oregon Ice Cream to create organic, super-premium treats – emphasizing flavors that speak to women – and thus, capturing a market without cannibalizing the positioning we created for Alden’s as America’s family organic ice cream.

Here is how we got there:

  1. Fresh named ingredients would be critical to the new recipes
  2. Super smooth premium mouthfeel
  3. Novelties would be 120 calories or less

Our creative approach: Elegant, modern, and timeless. We created ingredient forward imagery to celebrate the pure delight of organic ingredients and push the concept of culinary inspiration forward. We also evolved the logo so that it would bridge the generations. Julie’s is a brand for women, but we were careful to avoid pandering by creating something too feminine.

Our go to market strategy for Julie’s Organic Ice Cream: Pure Delight

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