20x Growth in First Three Years

Sources: Bevnet, Beveragedaily.com, specialtysodas.com

DRY Soda Company 360° Brand Strategy

01/ Challenge

Struggling to Grow Profitably

  • Category crowded with copycats & bold flavors
  • Trying to win against Big Soda without a differentiated brand strategy
  • Eroded core equities
  • Sales team’s confidence lost

Regain their leadership position in the craft soda industry

02 / Insights

  • Adults considered the flavors to be too mild to be seen as craft soda
  • Teens and children, CSD power users, felt flavors were too strange and grown up
  • When enjoying cocktails, most people do not count calories
  • Audience-to-be: metropolitan minded foodie women

03 / Strategy

  • Drop the word “Soda” and call it DRY Sparkling
  • “Excommunicate the heathen” from the DRY Soda brand (kids)
  • Make flavors truly culinary
  • Introduce seasonal offerings
  • Add larger, resealable bottles
  • Appeal to a much smaller, mostly female audience

Go-to-market Strategy:
Relaunch DRY as a premium sparkling beverage

04 / Results

  • 20x Growth in first 3 years

  • Fastest growing CSD in North America

“What I like about Retail Voodoo is that they are fearless in their approach. They partner with you so they’re right by your side through the whole process. They’re very passionate partners.”

Sharelle Klaus

CEO & Founder, Dry Soda Company

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