20x growth in first year

Teton Waters Ranch


Spread the word that grass-fed beef will save the planet

Retail Voodoo helped us define who we are, why we do what we do, and how to talk about with others around the globe.

  • — J. Russell / CEO & Founder / Teton Waters Ranch


Teton Waters Ranch became a provider of grass-fed beef sausages that outgrew their ranch. When the company moved from the ranch to the city, they found themselves in the midst of an identity crisis the size of Texas. And retailers insisting that the average American would have price sensitivity.

Retailers didn’t know that grass-fed beef is better for people and the planet


  1. Research showed that several key audiences would seek out and pay more for grass-fed beef products, but that the industry lacked a clear definition, clear standards for ranching practices, and product integrity.
  2. Teton Waters Ranch traveled the globe to find ranchers who shared their standards for animal welfare, sustainable family farming, and product integrity. They were building a network of like-minded ranches we call Ranch 3.0.
  3. Our go-to-market strategy: Create a Grass-feducation network to educate retailers and consumers on the environemental benefits of grass-fed beef ranching along with the health and taste difference for consumers.

Brand Position: In the Beginning There Was Grass

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