Triple-Digit Growth in First Two Years

Sources: Beauty Store Business Magazine, SPINS, IRI, Los Angeles Business Journal

Derma E 360° Brand Strategy

01/ Challenge

Losing to Younger Brands

  • Right expertise & ethics but couldn’t connect with younger audience
  • Too many SKUs
  • Too clinical
  • Too steep of a learning curve

Transform the 30-year-old vegan skin care company into an ethical beauty brand

02 / Insights

  • Younger women see skin care as beauty
  • Loyal customers could not build and maintain a line-specific regimen due to channel strategy
  • Current consumers had been loyal to the brand for 15+ years, but didn’t talk about it

03 / Strategy

  • Align portfolio with time-starved younger audience
  • Reposition from cruelty-free vegan skincare to ethical beauty
  • Empower the new audience to see themselves as do-gooders with great looking skin

Go-to-Market Strategy:
Eco-ethical beauty

04 / Results

  • Triple-digit growth in first two years

  • Sold to Topix Pharmaceuticals

“I admit I was skeptical that brand strategy could grow our business and change our culture. But Retail Voodoo’s unwavering commitment to guide us into the future worked!

Linda Miles

President, Derma-E

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