Triple-digit growth in first two years

Derma E


Transform the 30-year-old vegan skin care company into an ethical beauty brand

I admit I was skeptical that brand strategy could grow our business and change our culture. But Retail Voodoo’s unwavering commitment to guide us into the future worked!

  • — Linda Miles / President / Derma-E


A long history of product efficacy was no longer enough to compete with younger brands at key retailers. Derma E consisted of 14 different product lines and approximately 180 SKUs in medicinal-feeling, earnest, and clinical packaging. The product lines were a complex overlapping matrix of seemingly undiscernible nuances. Consumers faced a steep learning curve.

Skincare expert with strong ethics struggled to connect with a younger audience


  1. Younger women see skincare as beauty. Research uncovered their channel strategy made it challenging for even the most loyal of customers to build and maintain a line-specific regimen.
  2. To solve this, we worked with Derma E to streamline their portfolio to align with particular skincare needs that could easily be navigated by a time-starved younger audience.
  3. We repositioned Derma E from cruelty-free vegan skincare to ethical beauty. This emphasizes a contemporary lifestyle where the preference for natural products lives alongside the design, ease, and accessibility of fashion.
  4. Underscoring the company’s ethical stance, we called out the reasons why, in a few cases, Derma E had chosen to use a man-made compound when the naturally-occurring version posed an animal welfare or sustainability concern. This empowered the new Derma E audience to see themselves as do-gooders with great looking skin.
  5. We approached packaging (forms, functionality, and overall look and feel) with the goal of becoming worthy to sit on the vanity countertop of a contemporary woman (while balancing the realities and limitations of manufacturing and labels on stock vessels).

Brand Position: Ethical Beauty

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