184% Growth in 52 Weeks

Sources: Bevnet, Foodnavigator.com

Essentia Water 360° Brand Strategy

01/ Challenge

“C’mon, water is water.”

  • Buried their science because it was over the head of the average consumer shopping on impulse and price
  • Misunderstood and undifferentiated
  • Only used by elite athletes & medical practitioners

Disrupt the unbelievable clichés associated with marketing water and set Essentia apart 

02 / Insights

Essentia’s audience was shifting from female, Caucasian, yoga enthusiasts living in Los Angeles

  • Core bottled water users are: Men, parents & acculturated Hispanics
  • 50% of them prefer premium
  • 82% want an additional function
  • Scientific research showed a link between hydration, mood, cognitive function, and wellness

03 / Strategy

  • Emphasize their difference, 9.5 pH, alkalinity, and ionization
  • Connect the science to a joy-filled, determined, achieving lifestyle

Go-to-market Strategy:
Overarchieving H20

04 / Results

  • 184% Growth in 52 weeks

  • Fastest-growing performance water brand in the U.S.

“Our team couldn’t be more positive or excited about the new strategy, packaging, and integrated marketing system. We are exceeding monthly numbers far beyond what we could even imagine.

Karyn Abrahamson

VP Marketing, Essentia Water

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