Reversed a three-year sales decline in 12 months

Russell Stover Chocolates


Update Russell Stover Sugar-Free line

Be proud of your work! Great impact on shelf, and the new design change combined with the new recipe has buyers excited (Walmart included!).

  • — Marjolaine DeClaviere / VP Marketing / Russell Stover


Russell Stover had enjoyed market leadership in sugar-free chocolates for years. Changing consumer preferences combined with a variety of me-too offerings created a downturn.

Research uncovered that sugar reducers and those who can no longer eat sugar for health reasons felt that sugar-free brands were offering them options as a booby-prize.

Russell Stover came to us intending to make sugar-free a better-for-you platform.

The packaging looked old, medicinal — like clearance holiday candy


  1. The sugar-free line needed to get credit for being small batch and handmade and uncompromising on taste – Russell Stover’s long-standing traditions, which people seemingly had forgotten.
  2. After reviewing the ingredient panel, we suggested replacing Sucralose with Stevia. And remembering that taste is king, we advised Russell Stover Sugar-Free double-down on their identity as an original American chocolate brand with the leading sugar-free portfolio (and not try to attract the better-for-you audience). Instead, focusing on the key audiences eating sugar-free chocolates due to dietary restriction and health concerns.
  3. We reimagined the sugar-free brand through the lens, “Everyone deserves chocolate”.
  4. Our goal with repositioning the sugar-free line became simple: Bring people who are choosing to or unable to eat the authentic taste and tradition of the Russell Stover candies they know and love, without the sugar.
  5. We designed the new packaging to increase appetite appeal by moving away from the medicinal look and using core identity elements that would align more closely with the Russell Stover master brand and its tradition of great tasting chocolate.

Brand Position: Everyone Deserves Chocolate

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