Did you hear the one where Jeff Goldblum and Yoda walk into a bar?

David’s client list reads like a Madison Avenue firm – but it’s not. His firm, based in Seattle, is steps from the Burke-Gilman Trail. David thrives at this intersection of culture and the outdoors and proves meaningful impact isn’t relegated to Manhattan. David helped put the Pacific Northwest on the map as a thought leader in brand strategy and design, working with brands that are ambitious, fearless and out to change the world for the better.

David believes that brands need to stand for so much more than great flavors or features. He believes that they should inspire deep, meaningful connections with real people. Brands must enthusiastically do good! And none of it should be a mystery. He’s proven that this simple brilliance (which is actually science) is what makes better-for-you brands futureproof.

David Lemley helps build brands that better-for-you consumers actively crave with their mind, body, and soul. His insight, visioning diagnostics, research analysis and consensus building has helped many brands become the beloved & dominant brands they are today.

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It’s True!

Starbucks, REI, Nike, and The Home Depot were all clients of Lemley Design, the agency that would give birth to Retail Voodoo via Cincinnati.

David’s Epiphany While Working on Pampers

While David is proud of being in the room when it happened for these marquee brands, like all other brands he has touched, he prefers to share credit for their success with the litanies of co-conspirators, and constellations of regional and global agencies. And all the big-brained visionary leaders who put their trust in David when they set out to create a brand that would transcend generations, demographics, and geographic boundaries. Kudos, humans!

Our Chief Trouble Maker Speaks

Like so many leaders at the intersection of food, beverage, wellness and fitness, David’s passion to change the world for the better is personal. As an avid process hacker, he is committed to helping people make optimize their brand into a force for good, no matter their circumstances.

Each week he finds himself evangelizing the importance and power of brands to corporate teams, as a podcast guest, and to groups at industry conferences. He is passionatel about the intersection of brand, culture, purpose-driven capitalism and marketing.

David’s Book

The guide for brand-owners, marketers, investors, and leaders to take their better-for-you brand from one of many to category prominence. Empowers your team to conduct a category audit unlike any other. Beloved & Dominant Brands will have you and your team asking questions about your company, your brands, and your marketplace that you have never asked before.

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