Network your face off, hug trees, rock heels while riding a Harley. Change the world from a mini-van.

And she should know. Diana began cutting her sustainability teeth when Jane Goodall asked her a question that would shape her career. Jane asked, “Can you find me a paper mill that has no negative impact on the planet, pays its workers fair wages, provides safe working conditions, and sources fiber responsibly?”

Sure, that sounds easy today, but it was in 1999.

Northwest Networker Meets Brooklyn Worldview

Diana went on to help resource, then normalize the use of sustainable materials across corporate America and the Fortune 500.

Armed with tireless can-do energy, Diana has immersed herself in the world of marketing research, copywriting, business development, and building long-standing client relationships. Diana is more New York than Seattle in her approach to life, so she gets to the heart of clients’ needs quickly. She obsessively connects the right combination of people and business assets together to move mountains.

As a driving force at Retail Voodoo, Diana’s networkability, knowledge, and focused energy has grown trusted, lasting relationships across the world of food, beverage, wellness, and fitness.

Diana’s Thought Leadership

In addition to her regular contributions to our insights section, Diana hosts our webinars and participates as a panelist at events for emerging brands. She is also the host of the podcast Gooder where she introduces you to the powerhouse women who have found success on every level in the food and beverage industry.

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