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Future-Proofing Your Brand For Sustained Success With David Lemley From Retail Voodoo

Brand building is a long-term sport with no finish line.
Today’s guest is David Lemley, founder of Retail Voodoo. He has worked with beloved brands, including Starbucks, REI, and KIND. David describes what steps to take to future-proof business and brands to thrive and survive for sustained success

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • Branding’s Value: More than a logo—develop a truly authentic brand built to last
  • Past Background: Branding used to be all about making marks and doing things
  • Present and Future Branding: Promises you make, keep, and feel
  • New Things: Help food, beverage, wellness, and fitness brands win market share
  • Future-proof Brand: Plan to survive and thrive during unforeseen circumstances
  • Consequences: Loss of market share and impacts partner/customer relationships
  • Essential Component: Data and research from brightest minds erodes resistance
  • Future-Proof Process: Understand core audience to anticipate changing needs
  • Building Blocks: People view brands as personal identity with values and morals
  • Tasks, Tactics, and Tips: Read David’s book, Beloved and Dominant Brands
  • Vectors: Ingredient/technology, consumer preferences, worldwide, and relevance


  • “It is much more about the promises you make, if you keep them, and how people feel about it.”
  • “The consequences are loss of market share to hungrier competitors, first and foremost. It also has an impact on your distribution relationships.”
  • “Take your time and do not let social media or your social media team try to drive your brand. If you don’t know who you are, it’s better to keep your mouth shut.”

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David Lemley

David was two decades into a design career with a wall full of shiny awards and a portfolio of clients including Nordstrom, Starbucks, Nintendo, and REI. His rocket trajectory veered when his oldest child faced a health challenge of indeterminate origin. Hundreds of research hours later, David identified food allergy as the issue and convinced skeptical medical professionals caring for his child. Since that experience, David and Retail Voodoo have been on a mission to create a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable food system for all.

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