Strategies for Reinventing Ingredient-Centric Brands

Every new diet trend spurs a slew of new products and brands. Paleo begat jerky; Whole30 begat plant-based milk alternatives; Atkins begat coconut oil. Fad ingredients do the same — yesterday it was kale and chia; today it’s CBD. But building a brand around the latest ingredient or diet, as though that “thing” is what […]

Your Brand is on Life Support. What Now?

When a brand has backed itself into a corner in consumers’ minds, often the internal team is the last to wake up and smell the coffee. It’s painful to realize that the brand has been disrupted by changing marketplace conditions, that competitors have taken root, that buyers have moved on. At that point, there may […]

Founder Fears Associated with Private Equity and Acquisitions

Better-for-you food and beverage has become the investment world’s industry darling. And with good reason. All but the most resistant non-believer understands that what we eat and drink and do to stay active have a direct impact on our health. Combine this with the pace of change that technology affords entrepreneurial business, combined with the […]

5 Obstacles to a Successful Rebrand that Nobody Talks About

How many times has your company rebranded? Even if you answer, “Just once,” we’re guessing that felt like one time too many. And what was it all for? Were you able to achieve your goals? This may be hard to believe even now, but most people still mean redecorating when they say rebranding. They are […]

Top 5 Marketing Regrets After Rebranding

In the hands of the right CEO, CMO, and marketing team a rebrand becomes a powerful tool. But rebrands are tough. Rebrands frequently fail to generate results. Rebranding sucks. So why do it? Well, fortune, fame, and glory all lie in the balance, right? Rebranding has produced persistent frustrations … This white paper answers your […]

6 Ways Agencies Fail Food & Beverage Brands

As the food and beverage category continues to hone in on the importance of natural brands across all channels, getting investors is no longer the challenge — because better-for-you brands are driving category growth and, consequently, private equity investment in food outpaces all other categories. The pace of change in the last three years has […]

Change is Hard. These Seven Tactics Make it Easier to Manage

“Things change.” “Change is good.” “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Platitudes about change abound, but here’s one thing you won’t see on a motivational poster backed by a scenic mountain photo: Change is hard. It’s supposed to be. Change is risky, scary, inconvenient, messy. And we see it all, up […]

Remaking a Beloved Brand: How to Keep Your Loyalists and Hook New Fans

Renovating an existing brand is never easy. But when you’re overhauling a beloved brand with passionate employees and diehard customers, it’s painful. Really painful. You can’t alienate your loyal buyers — and risk a dip in sales — in the chase for a broader audience. Nor can you alienate your internal supporters, those who’ve been […]

Guiding Growth for a Passion Brand

We’ve seen it so often it’s become a cliché: The veteran marketer, disillusioned by the lack of opportunity for career growth in a big CPG company, jumps to an emerging food or wellness brand. She’s inspired by the founder’s passion and excited to bring her expertise to the table. And then a few weeks into […]

7 Questions Passion Brands Should Ask Before Investing in a Rebrand

Rebrands are expensive and can be well worth the effort. But marketing leaders only look at 1-2 indexes to determine the optimal timing and core components that should be in place to increase the likelihood of success. This white paper (pink paper) breaks it all down to seven critical questions that need to be answered […]

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