6 Things You Must Do to Crack the Badge Brand Code

Who are we? Who do we want to be? When the vision, passion and values of one-of-a-kind brands inspire us and make us want to make their statement our own magic happens. These are badge brands. Badge brands have soul and character. They own a position; one that no other brand can own or ever […]

Get Leverage: Know Your Brand Archetype

Archetypal branding works because it appeals to all people. We all share a deep need to feel stability, belonging, discovery and achievement. In today’s world, many brands have taken on the role of building blocks we use to fabricate of our sense of self. For most of us, our self-identity is textured with personal and […]

Elevate Your Brand Through the Strong Use of Symbolism

What do lululemon, Starbucks Coffee, and Harley Davidson have in common with the Catholic church? Watch this short excerpt from our webcast, The Cult Brand Value Equation, to discover how these iconic brands have all leveraged the power of symbolism to create a venue where we are not only aware of their mission but invite […]

The Brand Credibility Paradox

Is over emphasis on your hard-core credibility limiting your brand’s influence and growth? I’ve seen it a lot. Brands achieving the level of success they desire by focusing on one thing for a hard-core, loyal following. They excel at specialty-store and are beloved by extreme activity junkies whether they climb, hike, run, swim, tri, skate […]

5 Ways Sports & Outdoor Enthusiasts Craft Their Sense of Self with Brand

When it comes to what people do with their free time, there’s just something different about the way sports and outdoor enthusiasts see the world. Ask a PC or a MAC lover about their favorite home computer and they may wax rhapsodic about what their favorite hardware can do, that its competitor can’t, and they […]

Secret Meaning is the New Black

As odd as it sounds, companies that want to create their own brand could learn a lot from the kids who helped you build your first treehouse, Yale University’s Skull and Crossbones Society and the He-Man Women Haters Club from the old Our Gang comedies. And maybe even Boy and Girl Scouts and Fight Club. […]

5 Ways Cult Brands Bridge the Gap in the Customer’s Mind

It’s easy to spot the brands who seized the imagination of a small group and then taught that group how to spread the word, make converts and turn their fringe offering into a mainstream way of seeing the world. It is another thing to understand how to use the cult branding formula made famous by […]

What’s Needed: A Retail Refresh or Total Rebrand?

So many retailers are at a standstill. They often blame it on a sluggish economy. But is that the problem? Consumers are spending. Maybe they’re more judicious about it, but they are buying. If they’re buying less in some retail stores than they used to, there’s a problem. And it usually boils down to a […]

Design is Transformational: But Only if Strategy & Execution Marry

The problem with retail environments today is that they’re still transactional in nature. Most retailers really haven’t changed much in their thinking or their approach to retail design. Retailing is understood as environments to sell merchandise; that seek to drive sales the old-fashioned way. Advertising lures customers in and the store layout, merchandise selections and […]

Identity Crisis: The Seven Deadly Sins of Branding

Economic limbo cannot erase the fact that we live in a world where cars start the first time, phones are addictive and the gourmet coffee, is well, gourmet. Only the Unaware offer products or services they deem good enough to a world where everyone can get anything they want almost anywhere. Today’s consumer is looking […]

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