7 Tips to Expand Your Better-for-You Audience Without Losing Your Fans

It’s the No. 1 concern for every better-for-you company we talk to: How do we rebrand without alienating our current fans? This is an existential question — because growth always means adding new consumers to the fold, and in appealing to those new people you risk leaving your early adopters behind. Marketers mistakenly worry that […]

Does Your Naturals Brand Have a Mission? Or Just a Mission Statement?

Type “how to write a mission statement” into Google’s search field, and it’ll return 434,000,000 results. Clearly, there’s a lot of advice out there for writing a mission statement. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about capital-M Mission: Your brand’s true purpose. It’s easy to have a mission statement. It’s harder to […]

The RIGHT Strategic Partner for your Naturals Brand

There are times when even the smallest business decision feels like life or death. When, despite your experience, smarts, and leadership position you hear that voice that says: What if I get this wrong? Happens all the time. We’ve seen companies delay (often for years) committing to an initiative or innovation because executives can’t make […]

Naturals Brands: Show Consumers the Love!

When I was 7, my dad was driving our family of six kids through Idaho in a Winnebago. My dad took us to the campground souvenir shack and got us all an Idaho Spud candy bar. To this day, I remember the pine needles, the picnic tables, the smell of the campfire, and the bug […]

Brand Slam Episode 5 – featuring Plant Works

Brand Slam 5 – Finding Your True Audience and Standing Out in a Crowded Category Download now to watch this fun and informative webinar where we audit Plant Works’ brand ecosystem and identify gaps, highlight opportunities and help the team understand where to focus her marketing spend. Brand Slam was created by Retail Voodoo to […]

If You’re Not in Alignment, You’re Out of Luck

Have you ever driven a car that is out of alignment? The steering wheel shimmies and resists your attempts to turn it, the car squeals, the tires wear unevenly. Driving is uncomfortable and dangerous. In the same fashion, if your naturals brand’s internal team isn’t aligned, the business may be heading toward a crash. In […]

Brand Slam | Call For Entries for Season Two

Retail Voodoo is recruiting participants for Season 2 of Brand Slam – Episodes starting March 2021. CPG brands spend a lot of time telling consumers how different they are. And with the brand world changing faster than ever, the fundamentals of brand building are receiving scrutiny. What is a brand anyway? A logo? An idea? An […]

When and Where are the Most Powerful Times to Use Consumer Insights

Our experience with clients has shown us that when it comes to consumer data, there are two camps. Some organizations can’t make the simplest decision without tons of research to back it up; some disregard research entirely and go with gut instinct. Of course, the reality is that Beloved & Dominant naturals brands make the best decisions […]

Brand Slam Episode 4 – featuring Nature’s Nosh

Brand Slam Episode 4: Learning How to Grow and Market a CBD Brand On episode 4 of Brand Slam our guest is Liza Cohen from Nature’s Nosh. Nature’s Nosh is a dried fruit and nut bites infused snacking brand infused with hemp-derived from CBD. Brand Slam was created by Retail Voodoo to help CPG entrepreneurs in […]

Big Plans for Your Naturals Brand? Start With a Strategic One

Yes, 2020 has been a … well, we’re not sure what kind of year to call it. While it’s still not business as usual, businesses still have to do many of the usual things, like planning for 2021. And if there’s one thing you should have on the to-do list for your natural food or […]

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